Lonely Planet Decides Machu Picchu 3rd Best Place to Visit In the World

What amazing places in the world are on your bucket list? Don’t have one? Luckily Lonely Planet, who publish definitive travel guides have created for the first time their Top 500 Places to See. They believe this is ‘the’ list for every traveller no matter what inspires you. If the travel bug hasn’t bitten you in a while this list will remind you of all the awe-inspiring, breath-taking, heart-zapping and mind-boggling places there are in the world.

In the No 1 slot is the mystifying temple complex of Angkor Wat – a forested area in Cambodia where this largest of all religious monuments is made up of extraordinary temples and structures dating back as far as the 9th century and covering close to four hundred square kilometres of land.

No 2 is the natural structure of The Great Barrier Reef. With over 3000 individual reefs it is the largest reef system in the world. It encompasses about nine hundred islands and stretches over two thousand three hundred kilometres along the Queensland Coast of Australia. It is so vast it can be seen clearly from space and is considered the worlds biggest structure made by living organisms.

Machu Picchu in the Mist

Machu Picchu in the Mist

And in 3rd place, ahead of the other four hundred and ninety seven destinations which made it in to this rigorously researched list comes the enigmatic, extraordinary and exceptional city of Machu Picchu sitting in state high up in the Andes not far from the historic Incan capital of Cusco in Peru. It is mesmerising and magnificent. Words can never do justice to this awesome citadel which has to be experienced to be believed. There are few things which come close to watching the rising sun climb above the Andean peaks to light this ancient city and bring it back to life.

You can see the full Lonely Planet list here Lonely Planet Top 500 Places To See

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