Creating Utopia at Envision Festival

Perhaps life is all about creating each of our individual lives as a work of art – whether that’s expressed through the beauty of our body, our clothes, our face and body paint, our jewellery, our movement, interactions, expressions of colour, words and music, our food, our touch, our listening, our passion, our vibrancy, sexuality, energy, and ultimately our collective consciousness where the tribe we resonate with interacts synergistically with the world around it to become our complete work of art, our Magnum Opus.

Credit Andrew Jorgensen

Credit Andrew Jorgensen

The trouble is our current society doesn’t quite support us to live life like this. But there are a number of visionaries who chose to create temporary societies to uphold all of the above. These gatherings have become festivals which are crucibles for a few hundred to the metropolis festivals where almost one hundred thousand people congregate. This concept of ‘conscious’ festivals began with Burning Man almost thirty years ago when Larry Harvey invited a few people to burn a nine foot wooden effigy of a man and a dog on Baker Beach in San Francisco. Now it takes place with over 65,000 people in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. A new ‘leave no trace’ concept began inspiring people from all over the world to live a kinder, more co-operative and ethical life-style.

Set in magical Costa Rica is the Envision Festival, younger and smaller than Burning Man. Like many others it is about creating unity, love and a sense of belonging where we can feel appreciated just for who and what we are. Imagine being in a divinely beautiful space where we can express our beingness in the moment, whether that’s by dancing, blowing bubbles, whirling fire, playing in the sand, daubing ourself with mud, learning the Haka, standing knee deep in the warm Pacific Ocean with hundreds of others as the sun sets stunningly over the horizon in a blaze of orange, hula hooping, tightrope walking, doing yoga, pouring love in to the making of some delicious meal, breaking bread together, creating or participating in a healing circle, playing the didgeridoo, or simply enjoying the rainforest and surrendering to the rhythm of the music.

Credit Andrew Jorgensen

Credit Andrew Jorgensen

Costa Rica itself is the perfect host for a loving gathering of this nature. This tiny country has a massive heart. It cares about sustainability and its people are considered the happiest on the planet. It is an outrageously beautiful country with phenomenal diversity; a place where rainforest creeps right down to the edge of the beach, and shy and stealthy jaguars can watch from the branches a safe distance away, and sloths can amble across roads while traffic waits patiently.

This 4 day festival has all the music, visionary art installations, healing sanctuaries and workshops you could wish for. It also thinks ahead. This may be a temporary society in this environment but it is a hub to support people to take this learning with them, to bring people together to network and support each others projects, as well as committing to supporting local ‘underserved’ children to learn and connect through the Unite-I Project at the festival.

This is a peace-loving space welcoming families with open arms and encouraging each participant to leave the land better than it was. For the first time this year there will be free filtered water available but you must bring your own bottle and not plastic throwaway ones. In fact nothing is thrown away as you also bring your own crockery.

….The work of art which sustains us – our beautiful blue planet, is also included in the festival as sustainability and ecology are a major part of the blueprint created here at Envision. The food offered is organic and locally sourced and there is huge emphasis on recycling. You can learn permaculture as well as ‘primitive skills development’ and each day has a theme like Earth and Sustainability, Community and Culture as well as Health, Wellness and Spirit.

Credit Andrew Jorgensen

Credit Andrew Jorgensen

The people behind this festival have a powerful passion and vision.The tribe and the Earth co-creating together… a glimpse of Utopia maybe?

I just wonder what would happen if they decided to carry on, one day at a time….?

’If you don’t believe in magic, you’ll never see it’ , a quote painted at Envision last year.

Are you going to Envision 2016 festival?

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