another force?

Another force?

‘What if there’s a subtle force like gravity only it lifts you up towards ever greater heights of intelligence, beauty, power, grace and love. And what if this force is felt by everyone only most people never notice it…’

This video is a gorgeously produced and wonderfully narrated, compelling suggestion that every single one of us alive on this amazing planet is so much more than we’re led to believe through our education, our media and more often than not through our closest friends and family. Travelling around the world, visiting some of the most enigmatic sacred sites is a great way to learn this message too. The ancients knew things we have mostly forgotten. And this forgetting has doomed us to lives that are so much smaller than they need to be, and so much less inspirational. The status quo would keep us believing that ‘life is a bitch and then we die.’ Unless of course we heed the call.

‘The state of frisson and awe has been scientifically linked to massive increases in dopamine, higher intelligence, stronger relationships, better health, even greater longevity’, explains the mesmerising voice from this Wayseer video.

So what would you prefer – a life narrowed by the insidious voice of the mainstream, or a life expanded beyond all recognition when we follow that whisper? Your heart knows the truth.