Steve Nobel is an author, book mentor and coach. He was the director of the Alternatives event program for 13 years (Jan 2000 – Dec 2012). He is the founder of Conscious Media and Soul Matrix Healing. His latest book is Personal Transitions (published by Findhorn Press 2014). We are very happy to speak to him about his love of travel in our new column the Tao of Travel. Visit

Why do you travel?
I travel for a three main reasons: The first is mainly about rest and relaxation. I go to places to connect with nature to feel the elements, to hang out in nice tea places or to lounge by the sea. Secondly I travel for work, I often run retreats in magical places and this I find doubly rewarding. I like going to places that have some sort of spiritual connection or power. Thirdly I travel to get away from things to write. I have written four non-fiction books and will no doubt soon start my fifth.

Steve Nobel Tao of Travel Greece

What does travel do for your soul?
It is so good to get out of London (however much I enjoy the sprawling old city) to feast my eyes on a horizon without buildings and to see the beauty of the stars without the backdrop of city lighting blurring this great vision of universal space. I love hanging out in beautiful places and meeting new people that are not too busy rushing off to their next appointment.

Steve Nobel on Retreat

What was the most significant journey you have taken and why?
In ’94 I took a trip to California. I did this a few months after separating from my marriage of 15 years. I went to California to train in a spiritual system called Awakening The LightBody. after the course I went driving around California and went south to visit the glorious Yosemite National Park. I still have fond memories of staying in a log cabin where there was a sign saying “If a bear enters your cabin please exit by the nearest window”!

Where is your most inspirational place on earth?
I often go to Glastonbury in Somerset. This is both for rest and also to run retreats. Glastonbury is probably the heart of magical England for me. There are powerful leylines that run through and cross in Glastonbury which is quite unusual. There is an extra bonus in that it is not too far from London.

Why? What do you experience there?
I love the West country. Glastonbury has so much history. It has a ruined abbey that was once the largest of its kind during its heyday. It has Chalice Well garden which is such a serene place and great for hanging out on a sunny day. It has the white and red wells with the myths connecting these to myths around King Arthur. it has the Tor with its ruined church tower. You can still see traces of the old druid labyrinth that circles the Tor. Most importantly it has loads of lovely tea shops and cafes.

Steve Nobel Tao of Travel

Which sacred place would you most like to visit and why?
Top of my list is Mount Shasta in the States. It is located in Northern California about 45 miles from the Oregon border. It is considered as one of the most sacred places on this planet. Some say it is inhabited by angels, spirit-guides, spaceships, and spiritual masters. There are also stories of the mountain being linked to the  survivors of Ancient Lemuria. So I am curious and want to go and find out for myself. I am planning to co-facilitate a retreat there next September.

How do you choose your travel experiences and destinations?
Well I like going in nature or by the sea for rest and relaxation. When I’m running retreats there has to be some magical or spiritual reason for going. When I’m writing I need quiet.

Steve Nobel Tao of Travel Bulgaria

What was your last trip and what was special about it?
I was in Glastonbury a week ago. This was for rest and relaxation. I stayed in a very lovely place called Shekin Ashram. Every Friday evening they hold the most amazing chanting two hour event there. Also in Glastonbury i tend to buy all my ‘spiritual’ shopping. They have some amazing bookshops and crystal shops.

Do you believe travel can support rapid spiritual transformation?
Yes indeed. Actually I often visit crop circles in Wiltshire because I find them fascinating and also I like the feel of standing in them.

The best book you’ve read whilst travelling?
Actually I rarely read when travelling, except when on a train or coach. At the moment I am reading a powerful book called Teachings from the Sacred Triangle by David Miller.

Steve Nobels latest book Personal Transitions – Beyond the Comfortable in to the Real is available through Amazon

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