Meditation & Celebration Retreat In Breathtaking Bali

Osho Mystic Rose with Nisarga in Ubud, Bali

‘Don’t talk about heaven if you’ve never been to Bali’, Toba Beta


“I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one … it is the first major breakthrough since Vipassana 25 centuries ago.” Osho

Meditation Retreat

Meditate In Bali

Bali – A Blissful Space For Meditation & Celebration

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Bali has become one of the most iconic destinations in the world and many spiritually minded people and perpetual travellers are moving to its shores. It hosts the most beautiful retreats for everything you can imagine. The landscape and culture are stunning and inspiring. Temples, festivals, dancing, colour, music, spices, coral reefs, caves, beaches and sacred lakes, mountains and waterfalls – it is a cornucopia of everything for everyone. Even though Bali’s religious spirit has managed to survive intact under the pressure of its ever increasing tourism the face of Bali has begun to change and the real Bali is retreating from the public eye. But not all is lost….

Volcanic mountains are home to the Gods, some of which are holy to the Hindu population and others holy to the aboriginal people still living in the jungle region. Whereas Mount and Lake Batur are the home of the Goddess Dewi Danu. The lake is big enough to provide water for much of Central Bali’s farmland, so no wonder its considered sacred.

It’s also an island of temples. According to the Department of Religion there are over eleven thousand on this one small island alone, many of which have open courtyards filled with shrines and altars dedicated to their gods. During festivals the courtyards fill with musicians, dancers and actors to re-create mythic scenes  and sometimes trances are induced by the spirit of the characters being played.

Bali is an extraordinarily popular place to travel whether your feet firmly tread on mainstream soil or whether you’re following a deep spiritual path. Even though it is so popular it is still a profoundly magical place to visit. The coastline is beautiful with sunsets to rival any others in the world, the volcanic mountains (part of the Ring of Fire) offer exquisite photo opportunities, the food is highly recommended with fusion cuisine from South India, Malaysia and China as well as further fusions from North Africa and Europe. On top of that the people are quite extraordinarily friendly, with such a  phenomenally diverse culture with celebrations for each stage of life including death, that it’s a destination hard to exceed.

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