Himalayan Odyssey – A spiritual tour to discover India as a seeker

Explore it’s ancient spiritual essence through the Himalayas in sacred spaces – connect to other seekers on a meditative journey of nature, culture and awakening

Join us for a 3 week journey 1st- 22nd September 2019

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What makes this journey unique?

Meeting Mother India in a unique, non-touristy way, with a special group guided by meditators and cultural experts.
Exploring the Himalayas, the unique Indian culture and spending time on the banks of the River Ganges.
This is not just a tour, it’s a doorway to the world of Indian mysticism on a safe, expansive, life changing journey.

A unique life experience – travelling, exploration, inner inquiry and a lot of fun along the way


The creme de le creme of Himalayas in 3 weeks

September 1st – 22nd 2019

A dream journey through the rich variety of lifestyles and traditions in India. From the famous bazars to the mysteries of Kashmir to experiencing natural life in rural villages. Filling yourself with the freshness and inspiration of the mountains, the streams, and discover your ancient heart with the devotees on the River Ganges.

New Delhi

Day 1

New Delhi

Arrival and welcome. Old city tour, visit the lively spice market and try delicious food. Next morning, we fly to our next destination.

Kashimr handicraft


Day 2 - 3


Stay on a gorgeous Houseboat on Dal Lake. A day to connect with the heart of Kashmiri artisans and their unique craft-work. Take in a unique Kashmir Tantra Shiva ashram.



Day 4-5


Royal Palaces, Buddhist monasteries near Leh, evening visits to enjoy some of the most beautiful panoramic views, like Shanti Stupa.

Ladakh Mountains

Day 6-9

Ladakh Mountains

Trekking through villages, monasteries, apricot and apple trees and camp under the stars. Walking through passes. Back in Leh, private ceremony with a Ladakhi Oracle.

Puga school

Puga & Manali

Day 12-16

Puga to Manali

Visit a remote nomadic school, to meet the nomadic children in a social project. Drive to Manali into the land of the Hindu temples from the epic Mahabharata.

Rishiikesh ashram


Day 17-22


The sacred River Ganges, home of Himalayan yogis, the heartland of Indian ‘seers’. The place the Beatles were inspired in the 60’s.

You’ll enjoy group private practices of meditation, facilitated by Omkar and other authentic spiritual guides along the way. We’ll have fun experiencing different ways to go within, and maybe you find one that really clicks for you! When you open the doors of your awareness in a space like this, wonders can happen.

Food is a big deal in India and yes, we love food! You’ll taste yummy Indian food from the north, to Kashmiri, Ladakhi, Tibetan to Ayurvedic sattvic food. We’ll take you to our favourite spots – whether it’s the hidden lassi spot, the amazing momos or the best chai you can find.

Let’s start the journey


Your main hosts and guides on this journey

Helping to make the journey more relaxing, lively, colourful and enlightening. Meditators, mystics, mountaineers and bikers – meet the  conscious travellers guiding your journey. Not to mention the other spiritual guides we’ll meet.

He’s a meditator, transformation guide and lifelong traveller. Omkar loves to share his love of life and exploration of the inner and outer, especially in going deeper into ancient cultures. One of the partners of OTIJ, he loves to share unique journeys for transformation and conscious living.
Few know Ladakh and Kashmir as him! Born in Leh, a passionate ethnographer and mountaineer who has dedicated his life to exploring and documenting through photography the life, the culture and nature of the Western Himalayas. He is passionate about art and helping the local communities.
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Are you ready to pack for the Himalayas?

  • Relax and enjoy the journey, as the all the complications are arranged for you
  • 22 days inclusive of accommodation, transportation and meals
  • Perfect balance of nature, culture, adventure and fun on a profound spiritual journey

  • Daily spiritual practices with authentic guides, meditators and mystics
  • Journey with other like minded travellers from different parts of the world
  • Crafted itinerary taking in the best of the Indian Himalayas for seekers

$5299 per person

Twin sharing
(+ $1000 for a single room)

Let’s start the journey

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