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Future Adventures with Outer Travels Inner Journeys

Hearts In The Himalayas – A Spiritual Tour of Nepal

Nepal is one of the worlds richest jewellery boxes of sacred sites both man-made and natural. Awe-inspiring mountains strung like giant crystals along the length of the Himalayas, sacred valleys, sacred lakes and an extraordinary number of temples, monasteries and shrines make this one of the most fascinating and enlightening countries to visit. As it’s also the birth-place of Buddha what better place could there be for us to meet with the Gods?

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Spirit of Bali

A magical and evocative place which has been likened to Paradise, Bali will amaze us with its devotion to the Gods. Death is honoured as much as weddings are celebrated and frequently streets are closed for these ceremonies. Each morning beautifully created offerings are burned along the streets. It has a culture which thrives even now. Add to this its lavish abundance of sacred sites and astonishingly beautiful landscape and we’ll all feel like we’ve gone to heaven.

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Raising Our Happiness Quotient in Bhutan

This tiny country with the big heart makes sure it checks its Gross National Happiness levels as well as its economic situation each year so we thought it would be an excellent place to explore with our merry band of adventurers. Let’s see what makes Bhutan so unusual. It also has more than its fair share of dramatic scenery from towering Himalayan mountains, magnificent valleys and monasteries hanging on the cliff edge. From these mountain eyries will we catch sight of the shy snow leopard?

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A Sacred Romance in Rajasthan, India

As always we love inviting our tribe to cross borders of the unexpected with us so we’re creating an exciting and exotic mixture of experiences in Rajasthan, India. From the luxurious abundance of a hotel in the Pink City of Jaipur to the open expanse of the desert on camel under a never ending sky….this will be a tour of contrasts to delight the senses and awaken the spirit.

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