A synthesiser may be an electronic piece of equipment but it still needs to be directed by someone to create music, right? So what would you say if I told you I saw a Begonia creating music right in front of my eyes?

It’s true your honour, and I didn’t have a drop of alcohol in my system, or anything else which could be considered a drug either medicinal or recreational.

On the stage at the recent Plant Consciousness Conference in London was a potted Begonia, among other plants, wired up with a couple of electrodes to a machine out of which came this extraordinary sound. Not easy to explain so please listen to this short video I took while in the audience.

According to Damanhur, plants love music and when wired up to one of these electronic gizmos they can make different notes by changing the electric potential within their systems. Apparently it can take them time to learn the wide range of notes they can play, and appear to develop when they hear themselves as well as other plants. To this end Damanhur run regular forest concerts with many of the trees and plants singing at their beautiful eco-spiritual centre in Northern Italy.

We at Outer Travels Inner Journeys have been deeply fascinated by the wisdom of plants, that we’ve developed a magical tour in Italy exploring the most breath-taking landscape and culminating in three amazing days at Damanhur where we’ll meet their famous singing plants among other inspiring opportunities. For more information click Divine Inspiration in Hidden Italy.