Peru Pilgrimage Testimonials

“I visited Peru last November, with the Peru Pilgrimage tour and what a tour it was! Well organized, thoroughly studied, from the venues you visit to the experiences you go through. The motel, hotel and restaurant’s choices are not selected by the organizer to make costs low (something most of organizers do), instead it’s for your own pleasure and experience, amazing food, and unique choice of hotels. I appreciated the organizer’s tolerance, and helpfulness a great deal, coming from a totally different culture myself, yet! They were so understanding to the degree that I did not feel like a stranger and actually acting myself 2 hours into the tour or let’s call it a journey. It was a sense of family closeness. I am defiantly going back with the same organizers and same tour, with all my close friends.”
Ayham, Qatar
“Hello my name is Charles. I would never have thought that the Machu Picchu trip with OTIJ would have been so well planned. I was stressed at first being my first big trip out of my country. For all you guys worrying, well don’t, you found the right place with the right down to earth pepole for me anyways it was absolutely fabulous visiting the Andes on this tour. Fantastic people, awesome hotels, awesome food, the ruins, the cactus, the landscape. wow! I would do it again for sure considering the price was right and considering where the money goes. There are things you will never forget. Love to all the crew of OTIJ and the great people of my group. Thank you for this great adventure I miss you guys.”
Charles, Canada
I highly recommend OTIJ’s tour of Cusco, Machu Picchu, and the Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu really is amazing! There are so many ruins around that part of Peru; and Andy has selected the most impressive to see. In addition to providing historical information for each of the sites, Andy’s guides provide the mystical tradition as well. Traveling with Andy is like traveling with a local. He also knows all of the best places to eat and to stay. Through one of his friends we were able to prepare the San Pedro for our San Pedro journey. We then took the San Pedro in a beautiful home and gardens in the Sacred Valley. Andy even went out of his way to coordinate with and collect a few people who arrived late to the tour. We ended up having a fun group of all ages from all over the world. It was definitely a fun way to see that part of Peru.”
Raetta, USA
“In November of 2013, I participated in a two week long adventure with OTIJ; it was truly a life-altering experience. From the beautiful scenery of Peru’s sacred valley, to the dense jungle of the Peruvian Amazon, Andy’s knowledge and guidance led us along every step of the way. I spent months researching my trip to Peru before making any commitments, and after some correspondence decided to make a booking with “Outer Travels Inner Journeys.” As always with these sorts of interactions over the internet, I was very wary of making any sort of commitment. That being said, after exchanging a number of e-mail’s with Andy, my mind was put at ease. The first day meeting up with the rest of the group in Cuzco, I was happy to find myself in a diverse group of like-minded people. Among other things, we visited a number of truly amazing archaeological sites in and around Cuzco and the sacred valley. While Andy himself was quite knowledgable about many of the places we visited, he also hired several excellent guides for the sites he was less familiar with. The worry of arranging travel and accommodations in and around these sites was also taken off of my shoulders, and put in to Andy’s hands. Not only did these arrangements work out, but they far exceeded my expectations. While in the Sacred Valley, we also participated in a San Pedro ceremony. Having had no experience with this medicine, I was quite anxious going in to the experience, but was reassured by Andy’s confident and calming presence. Not only was I able to conquer my anxiety, but I had a truly amazing and insightful experience with this Sacred plant. After visiting the majestic site of Macchu Picchu (truly everything it is made out to be) we were on our way to the jungle. In conclusion, my experiences with Andy and with Kapitari were 100% positive, as well as catalytic to some personal change I had been seeking. I highly recommend the services and company of these amazing people. If you had any doubts at all about finding the right tour to participate in during your stay in Peru, you’ve found it!”
Nick, USA
“I highly recommend this tour. It was fun, educational, and a spiritual awaking. I felt very taken care of by our group leader, Joey. I tend to worry about the details, but I soon discovered I didn’t have to worry. All the connections, transportation, hotels, access to sites, and food was all well organized and outstanding quality.

One day of the tour was a San Pedro (Wachuma) ceremony. This took place in a serene setting (by a river looking up at an ancient Inca site). Joey provided a safe space, and performed a heart-felt ritual singing. It was a life-altering experience.

I’ve never been big on group tours. I’ve seen a lot of the world by “Let’s Go” guidebooks. I’m so glad I did this tour. It made it more than a fun vacation (although it was a lot of fun); it was a profound spiritual journey.”

Spencer, USA

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