Imagine a world without wilderness. Would we have lost all the magnificent wild places in the USA if the Wilderness Act had not been brought in 50 years ago? The fact it had to be brought in at all makes us think it would have been bulldozed flat with high rise shopping malls raised instead of glorious mountain ranges, acres of street lights and solar panels instead of forests, town plazas instead of valleys and plains, fountains instead of waterfalls and rivers. This awe-inspiring video of some of the most beautiful wild places reminds us how vital it is to our own well-being as well as that of our planet and all her extraordinary inhabitants that we cherish and love her as deeply as we would any other conscious being dear to our hearts.

This is indeed a ‘Love Letter to Wilderness’ with words by Edward Abbey, Aldo Leopold, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Muir and Wallace Stegner. Thank you to Karmatube for sharing this.

Words of Wilderness: 1836 – Present from Pete McBride on Vimeo.