Ecuadorians swap the Amazon for the Seine

Paris is hosting the COP21 Climate Conference this month and the Kichwa tribe of the Sarayaku region in Ecuador are trying to make a point – that money is far from everything. The oil companies want to drill on their land and think offering the equivalent of $10 per person is going to make the tribe hand over their homeland – but the tribe want them to understand that without this land they’re nothing. To them money is nothing – their home in the Amazon is everything. It defines who they are. They see themselves as a part of nature here…. In fact in some part of Ecuador there are tribes people committing suicide by hanging themselves from the trees in order to get their point across.

So the Kichwa tribe have been building a ceremonial canoe which they’ll take along the Seine to grab attention at COP21, before travelling through other parts of Northern Europe to raise awareness of their challenge. Their spokesperson on this video is a beautiful young woman of Kichwa/Swedish descent who puts their case forward clearly and poignantly….

What do you think? Do you agree with the Kichwa that they should have their land set aside and protected in perpetuity? Or should they hand it over so the Western World can have a bit more oil?

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