by Elena Blasio (guide on our Divine Inspiration in Hidden Italy tour)

Sant’angelo is the place I was born. In the water of this magical place my mother went in to labour and as she didn’t have time to reach the hospital I was born in the house right in front of the sea. My connection with this paradise is visceral. Any time I need clarity and inspiration I go back home to Sant’angelo. Just a few years ago I lost my wife to cancer. I was devastated and needed a place where I could find myself and open my heart again…..And of course the choice was easy. The island of Ischia was the right place to get back into my soul and find peace. I rented one of the most beautiful homes with a sea view. Every morning I woke up with the smell of the sea and beautiful sunrises followed at the end of the day by stunning sunsets. In this place where the green is so powerful it embraces your soul, I was able to find myself again.

I spent 4 months and explored the entire island all over again. Sant’angelo is an island off the main island of Ischia with its own beaches and thermal spas. The natural volcanic spring waters heal your body and is free to enjoy in some places. At Cava Scura you can find caves with thermal water coming directly from Mount Epomeo. On Maronti Beach the sand is so hot you can cook an egg on it well enough to eat! The sea is clear and warm.

Divine Ischia

Divine Ischia

Ischia is not only ocean and spas it is also the place where you can climb Mount Epomeo. Walking through such green vegetation you reach the top where the most outstanding view of the island and beyond greets you. There is also a local restaurant where you can discover genuine food typical of the island. All of Sant’angelo has cute restaurants which are so cosy you’ll easily feel at home. The village doesn’t allow cars to come in and we go around with electric cars so there is no pollution.

Ischia is called by us the green island because it is a volcanic island which makes the colours of flowers and the vegetation surprisingly vibrant. The food is simple but good. Tomatoes here smell amazing and are so sweet. There are plenty of vineyards to visit and taste good wine and learn about grapes.

A truly divine and magical place of restoration and rejuvenation.

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