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What is the Good Thing About Life and Death?


Would you run around the entire coast of the UK in the winter with all you need in a backpack… not in a support vehicle, not with a camera crew, not with a team of others... just you? Does [...]

What is the Good Thing About Life and Death?2018-06-17T15:17:51+00:00

Why Does Travel Transform Us So Powerfully?


Has your status quo got you nailed to the cross you call your life? That life you created as you followed a normal path of growing up, getting an education and finding a career? If you love your life [...]

Why Does Travel Transform Us So Powerfully?2018-06-17T14:59:57+00:00

If You Are Not Black or White, Who Are You Really?


How do you label yourself? Others? The World? What would be the impact if you removed those labels? We mean, if you're not black, or white, or .... Who are you underneath? Who are you really? Imagine living in [...]

If You Are Not Black or White, Who Are You Really?2018-06-17T14:45:47+00:00

Singing Plants


A synthesiser may be an electronic piece of equipment but it still needs to be directed by someone to create music, right? So what would you say if I told you I saw a Begonia creating music right in front [...]

Singing Plants2018-06-17T14:44:37+00:00

The Legend of the White Lion


Are White Lions a result of a spaceship visiting South Africa 400 years ago or are they Star Beasts, messengers from God? Or just a genetic aberration, with no significance whatsoever? But…what White Lions you might ask? Aren’t lions [...]

The Legend of the White Lion2018-06-15T15:47:45+00:00
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