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What If There’s a Subtle Force…?


Another force? 'What if there’s a subtle force like gravity only it lifts you up towards ever greater heights of intelligence, beauty, power, grace and love. And what if this force is felt by everyone only most [...]

What If There’s a Subtle Force…?2018-06-17T15:23:52+00:00

Ayahuasca a Year On


Five weeks in Peru! An amazing tour at altitude through the Andes and a descent to culminate in the Amazon Jungle for a week of immersion with sacred plant teacher Ayahuasca. This was just over a year ago. Now [...]

Ayahuasca a Year On2018-06-17T15:24:41+00:00

When Spirituality Meets Quantum Science


Most of us live as if we expect everything to stay the same forever. Of course governments change and TV programmes have different names but basically the world as we know it will always be like it is. We know [...]

When Spirituality Meets Quantum Science2018-06-17T15:24:54+00:00

A Love Letter to Wilderness


Imagine a world without wilderness. Would we have lost all the magnificent wild places in the USA if the Wilderness Act had not been brought in 50 years ago? The fact it had to be brought in at all [...]

A Love Letter to Wilderness2018-06-17T15:29:22+00:00

The Tao of Travel – the Way of the Spiritual Traveller with Davide de Angelis


Davide is a renowned Visionary Designer, Artist, natural Intuitive and Seer (with the ability to directly see energy patterns that influence and shape both health and destiny), alongside being a bestselling Writer and Philosopher. As an award winning designer [...]

The Tao of Travel – the Way of the Spiritual Traveller with Davide de Angelis2018-06-17T15:18:53+00:00

Ecuadorians swap the Amazon for the Seine


Paris is hosting the COP21 Climate Conference this month and the Kichwa tribe of the Sarayaku region in Ecuador are trying to make a point - that money is far from everything. The oil companies want to drill on [...]

Ecuadorians swap the Amazon for the Seine2018-06-17T15:21:24+00:00

What is the Good Thing About Life and Death?


Would you run around the entire coast of the UK in the winter with all you need in a backpack… not in a support vehicle, not with a camera crew, not with a team of others... just you? Does [...]

What is the Good Thing About Life and Death?2018-06-17T15:17:51+00:00
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