Core Values

A business without core values is like a ship without a rudder, a map without a compass rose, or the night sky without the North or Pole star. They are our stars to steer by and our foundational building blocks. When any decision is made we ask if it is in alignment with our core values. And yet they’re not rigid, they’re flexible like bamboo, able to bend when necessary and grow organically. Creating adventures and retreats which inspire each one of us, participants and team alike, to keep growing to be our best selves and to stay profoundly in love with our planet, her ‘guests’ and their wisdom both ancient and modern is at the heart of OTIJ. Our core values are here to guide us, to support the developing shape of our business and keep it ‘conscious and visionary’ as well as guiding us in our ever day lives. We hope they inspire you too.

Embrace the mystery – Our minds love to find answers, to understand everything. Yet we’ve found the more we learn the less we really know. Being a truth seeker is a great thing but sometimes we just have to accept that we are living bang in the middle of a freaking awesome mystery. Don’t join our adventures simply to find answers; You may find them, you may not. You may just fall in love with the mystery – and that’s where magic happens.

Be real – In our view, being spiritual is not about being perfect or holy or trying to live in a permanently positive fantasy land. Spirituality is about being authentic and real, acknowledging where we’re at and who we truly are, including all our magnificence and our good as well as our bad and our ugly. Life is painful, confusing and messy sometimes, and that’s okay. Let’s just be honest and real about it.

Playful Exploration – For us, spirituality is not a serious or solemn affair. We love to experience the wonder and magic of life in as many fun, creative and joyful ways as possible. There’s nothing we have to do, nothing we have to get. Let’s be open and ready to accept whatever amazing adventure the universe wants to throw at us – and dive right in.

Extraordinary Connections  – What makes our journeys really special is the high level of connection and camaraderie our participants experience together. In our groups the masks come off, and as we choose to express our true selves our connections are far deeper and more meaningful. We guarantee you will love the experience of traveling with like-minded people on a similar wavelength.

Going Beyond Our Comfort Zone – One of our favourite quotes is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, so we have to live by this as well as include it in our values. If we’re not willing to leave our comfort zone then we may as well stay home and accept we won’t learn, grow or develop. Outside our comfort zone is where magic happens. At OTIJ we don’t provide tours, we provide adventures which equally inspire and challenge – a hero’s journey awaits.

You are your own guru – The age of the guru is over, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for! We acknowledge that gurus can be a valuable part of some people’s journeys, but ultimately we have to outgrow them and live our own truth. We may introduce you to expert guides with much wisdom to share but ultimately we want you to realise the answers lie within yourself. True wisdom cannot be told, it must be embodied.

Authentic Experiences – Wherever we take you in the world we will aim to give you an authentic and real experience as possible. We like to introduce you to guides that truly know their country, their culture and their history, and who have a deep and genuine connection to their land.

Service With Love – We give the customer service we’d love to receive because what takes our inspiration of the Richter scale is making each persons experience the best and most magical we possibly can.

Love and Kindness Matter –  Imagine how magnificent this world would be if love and kindness to all we come in to contact with wasn’t random but was a way of life. As Gandhi said “you have to be the change you wish to see in the world”. We ask everyone who joins us to do so in the spirit of love and kindness, and that we practice peace and non-violence in our thoughts, words and deeds.

Generosity of Spirit – We’re inspired by visionary and conscious businesses which care about people and the planet before profits, and see this as vital in shifting the paradigm to one of collaboration. This means we gift a % of our profits to a causes that are truly helping to transform the planet. We are currently in the process of deciding which causes to support.

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