The Tao of Travel – the Way of the Spiritual Traveller with Kat Byles

Kat Byles, a PR & Creativity Consultant, serves heart-centred entrepreneurs and leaders to share their message, fulfill their purpose and create a powerful, positive legacy. All by following their heart and intuition. We spoke to her about her spiritual travel and adventures.

Why do you travel?
For creative inspiration. To connect with people from different cultures with different perspectives. To see beauty. To spend time with family and friends. And for my work – I was lucky to travel to all five continents whilst building the Homeless World Cup, an organisation using football to transform lives of people who are homeless.

Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup

Melbourne 2008 Homeless World Cup

What does travel do for your soul?
It puts my heart and soul in the driving seat, where I am free to live fully in the moment with minimal ego agenda and distraction.

Kat in the Caribbean

What was the most significant journey you have taken and why?
In 2000 I led a press trip on a Dream Healing Pilgrimage to Southern Greece for The Spirit of Life. One day we visited a little known Dream Healing Temple of Asclepius. People went off to meditate but I wanted to play. “Go towards the steps,” I heard a loud, clear voice inside me say. I did as instructed. “Go down the steps. Go right. Go through the brambles,” came the quick, clear instruction. I found myself standing at the entrance of a cave, the source of the healing waters to the temple. I ran back to tell the other participants what I’d found. Even the guide was unaware of the cave and water source. It was a very clear experience of listening to and following my inner voice to discover hidden treasures I can share with others.

Where is your most inspirational place on earth?
Currently, it’s a toss up between Crab Hill Beach and Darkwood Beach in Antigua, West Indies. I also love the cliff tops between St Agnes and Chapel Porth in Cornwall, England.

Cornwall St Agnes

Cornwall St Agnes

Why? What do you experience there?
Surrender, connection, oneness, purity, clarity and peace.

Which sacred place would you most like to visit and why?
Where ever my heart calls me. Anywhere that involves healing waters and natural beauty. I’d love to experience waterfalls and swim in the pools at the bottom.


Darkwood Beach

How do you choose your travel experiences and destinations?
I get called to places and sometimes told to stay away. In 2004 I wanted to go back to the Indian Ocean. I received clear instruction to stay away from the world to the right of the UK and to go left (as you face the map). I saw a huge wave in my imagination. This made no sense until the day I travelled, which was 26 December 2004, the day of the Tsunami. Instead, I had chosen to go left, to Cuba to spend time with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Tom. Tom passed away 5 months later and the relaxed time we spent together, all the fun and laughter we shared, is a constant blessing and always brings a smile to my face. Ever grateful I listened to my intuition.

What was your last trip and what was special about it?
I went to Antigua to create and prepare for the PR with Heart Antigua Retreat, I’m running 5-12 March 2016. Whilst here I watched Fire in Babylon, the documentary about the West Indies cricket team that dominated world cricket in the 70s and 80s. So inspired by the fire of their higher purpose, to send the message to the world that the black man is a free man, that I went to a couple of local village cricket matches. I LOVED it. Three weeks later I found myself in OJs, a local bar and restaurant, with Urlings Cricket Club organisers and Sir Andy Roberts, who features heavily in the film, planning a fundraising campaign for a cricket Club House. There is so much talent; spirit and heart for cricket here. What they need are the facilities to take that talent from the grass roots to the national level. I love it when unexpected magic unfolds.

Sir Andy Roberts June 2015 Antigua

Sir Andy Roberts June 2015 Antigua

Do you believe travel can support rapid spiritual transformation?
Yes, it can be a shamanic experience. This is why the Homeless World Cup is so successful. It takes people out of their everyday life where they are invisible and puts them on a global stage in the centre of a new city where they proudly represent their country as a leader. They return home a changed person.

Pure Source in Antigua

The best book you’ve read whilst travelling?
The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer, which is his story of him living his life by creative inspiration rather than logical mind preferences. What he creates is extraordinary and inspirational. It is one of those books that come along once in a decade that has had a real lasting impact on my life.

Working at my favourite desk in Antigua

Working at my favourite desk in Antigua

If you’d like to bring your business to life and fulfill your true nature and purpose with heart and creative inspiration, you can join Kat for the PR with Heart Antigua Retreat, 5-12 March 2016 or the PR with Heart Online Course in January 2016. Say hello at or


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