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The cost of this amazing 3 week adventure is just $3990 per person

You don’t need to pay the full amount up front, however you do need to pay a deposit of $1000 in order to reserve your place. If you are booking less than 6 weeks before the trip begins then you should pay the full amount.


We are using the Retreat.Guru service to manage bookings and payments. You can pay by credit or debit card.

You can choose to either pay the full amount when you make your reservation, or you can pay a $1000 deposit and the second payment of $2900 will be billed to your credit/debit card 6 weeks before the tour begins.

Register today for Peru Odyssey

Before you register there are a few things you should be aware of and agree with.

First, you need to be reasonably fit and in pretty good overall health. We’re going to be at high altitude for much of the tour and it can be pretty tough on people, although the majority of people get over altitude sickness within 24 hours.

There will occasionally be walking involved at locations that are sometimes rocky and steep to climb, nothing particularly dangerous, but certainly not ideal for people with walking disabilities.

We’re not doing any long hikes like the Inca Trail; however, at several locations you need to be able to be on your feet for several hours at least and also be able to climb steps.

Hotel accommodation will be mostly 2-star hotels, nothing extravagant, but will be clean and comfortable. As much as possible we like to use hotels that are unique, charming and locally owned – no corporate chains.

All rooms in hotels will be shared (same sex, and 2 people to a room), if you’re coming with a partner or friend please let us know so we can put you together.

If you are taking any drugs/medications contraindicated with MAOI then you must stop taking these drugs at least 6 weeks before the tour starts if you wish to partake in the ayahausca ceremonies. This includes most anti-depressant type drugs.

Most importantly you should understand that this is a spiritual retreat, so please only apply if you feel called to this experience at a soul level.

Comments from past guests

In October 2014 we had 9 amazing people on the Peru Odyssey tour. Each of them gave a video testimonial on the final day of the trip. Click here to hear what they had to say

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More Testimonials

“I loved the ancient/sacred sites we visited and I loved the deeper explanation of these sites that came from Amaru.  I loved how the group that came together was remarkably cohesive and accepting of each other.  I don’t think you typically find a group that became as close as we became on your average tour.  I was surprised at the ceremonies we participated in and wasn’t expecting the depth of explanation we were given at some of the ancient/sacred sites.  The San Pedro ceremony with Javier and the Ayahuasca  ceremonies with Don Lucho and his son were topnotch and very professional.  Peru was shown to me under the best of experiences, with the best of friendships and memories.”
Tracey P, USA
“Where to begin…AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING & PROFOUND summarise my time on the Peru Odyssey. Although even they seem to barely scratch the surface…there are no words to fully describe the truly wonderful experience. From the beautiful mountains to the green jungle the whole experience has left me with a deep desire to explore the world and  more importantly a heightened desire to explore myself. Andy has clearly put some amazing energy into the tour which is immediately evident. Everyday is oozing with new adventures, wonders and delights whether that’s visiting a sacred sight, holding a sacred ceremony or just soaking up the vibes in a new town/city. This is not just visiting Peru: it’s feeling Peru; feeling a deep connection to the history; connecting to the land and water; being prepared to breakdown all your prior knowledge & invest in new knowledge. Then we have the star of the show…Amaru…he is a gift, a force of nature to be reckoned with! He unleashes something magical in each and every person and let’s them run with new found strength, spiritual knowledge & Fire, bringing out your inner warrior. Plant medicine teachers have shown me so much which I am incredibly thankful for along with the amazing shamans I had the opportunity to work with. Meeting a group of people from all over the world and all walks of life who have now become my family was my highlight of the tour. Connections I feel to these beautiful people will last a lifetime and sharing the journey has just made every element so much more special & intimate. My whole life has shaken up since leaving the tour, and although that’s scary I’m finally heading to the place I’ve been trying to reach in my life for years. PURE HAPPINESS & LOVE whilst living in my light. My adventure just gave me a kick up the ass!!! For anyone who’s unsure, don’t be, trust that this is where you’re meant to be if you’re reading this! Also know that you are held in a loving & nurturing space to allow for your growth & development. Thank you OTIJ & my beautiful soul familia x”
Isha B, United Kingdom
“The trip was truly an amazing adventure where I met so many wonderful and loving people whom I felt in my heart that I have met them before, maybe in another life. They felt like my family and Peru felt like my home. I have been on a spiritual quest for some time and my experience helped me to explore more of myself and lead me to a deeper healing of my body, mind, and soul. This journey has showed me especially from my San Pedro experience that the divine is all around us all the time even if we do not see; her arms are always wrapped around us like loving wings. This quest was more than just a trip to a beautiful place; to me it was a journey into my soul.”
Michelle D, Canada
“For me the odyssey was a last minute trip, thrown together on my part, at the last possible moment; however, I am so happy that it came to fruition. It was more than I ever expected. This trip delivered!  The high’s were high and there were no low’s. The entire group was made up of very like minded people. It was comforting. They are all honest, sharing, caring, good-natured people that truly have lasting friendship qualities. Thank you all!  This journey has the ability to heal mind, body and spirit, and I felt it. I felt it all the way down in my core, where I needed it the most. I came on this trip because I suffer chronic pain and had pushed myself and my family to it’s limits…and my amazing wife sent me the link and told me that I needed a vacation. Boy was she right. Actually, she always is, but boy was she right!

The ability to reflect on what happened on this odyssey and the ability to continually draw power from those experiences, will benefit me and my family for the rest of my life. Peru has been calling my name since I was a child, and now I know why. Generally speaking I have always felt that we get out of life what we put into it. Sometimes I struggle to see and realize what we are doing in life and more importantly, why are we doing it. What is the purpose?  What does it all mean?  What does it all have to do with me, and why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing in this life?

While I was on this odyssey, I came to realize many of these exact things. The answers came to me. Not in the ways I imagined they would, but they came, and in many beautiful ways. They were all there inside, Peru just allowed me to understand them.  All the “stuff” that seemed so important, stressful, painful and overwhelming back home, is not really that at all. I had to come to Peru to realize that I am the master of my own universe, and I am capable and responsible for healing myself and those I love. If you have questions like these, if you have pain in your life, if you feel hurt, unloved, lost or filled with doubt or fear…it’s okay.

Just be honest with yourself and everyone you meet and you will find yourself starting to relax and putting things in perspective. For me, I needed to be on this odyssey, there is no doubt in my mind. I can’t imagine there being any better place to relax and heal than on this journey…which is what life is, a journey. We have to live in the present, every moment of our lives.  It is now my goal to live, every day, as if it is my last day I have left on this planet. It is my goal to love, heal, learn and experience life with passion. The past is gone and the future never turns out like we predict, so don’t worry about them. I know to be happy, I must live in the present, because that is what it is, a gift. Peru taught me that. Staying in the present, always raising the bar, doing my best to love and listen and learn and heal is how I would want to spend the last day of my life. So to me, it is like basking in beautiful, golden-green light.

Thank you for a wonderful odyssey, and thanks to my wonderfully, beautiful, brilliant wife!  When I said she is always right, I meant it. Especially after this journey. I have come to realize that everyone is doing exactly what he or she wants and, needs to be doing…all the time! Therefore, they are always right, and I don’t have to worry about them, and that makes living life, in the present, so much more fantastic!!”

Shawn Haywood, USA
“The Peru Odyssey tour was my first trip outside Australia – I sure jumped in the deep end and I’m so glad I did! I truly learnt so much about myself on this tour and I’m forever grateful to all my travel companions for sharing themselves and the experience with me. Peru is an exceptionally beautiful land with a rich history, lively culture and ancient Apus constantly watching you from the mountains. I loved it! The sacred sites were awe inspiring and our tour guide’s unique knowledge of the sites was fantastic. From holding meditation ceremonies at Macchu Picchu ruins to an impromptu tribal dance circle in a Cusco restaurant and eating breakfast to the sounds of a nearby tobacco purge (look it up), it really was a life changing journey. And i cannot describe the lightness of being that comes with shitting an entity out of your body during an Ayahausca ceremony! I highly recommend the Peru Odyssey tour to anyone who has heard Peru calling to them. Take the plunge!”
Ana, Australia

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