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The cost of this amazing 3-week adventure is just $3990 per person

That is only $181 per day which represents amazing value.

We have two payment options…


For the first time ever we are now offering a payment plan.

If you signup before October 30th you can pay 7 monthly installments of $570 USD. That means your first deposit today is just $570 and you will then be charged $570 at the end of each following month between November and April.

Payment flexibility – We realize that, particularly if you are self employed, some months are better than others. If you wish to pay a lesser amount on one month and then make a bigger payment the following month, just let us know. We can be flexible about the payment amounts so long as we receive the full payment before the trip starts.

Pay in Full

Alternatively, if you would like to pay in full you can take advantage of our earlybird discount. Simply enter the discount code of ‘earlybird’ and get a $290 discount, which means you pay a total of $3700.

If you want to pay in installments then you must pay by credit or debitcard.

If you wish to pay in full then you also have the option of paying by SWIFT International bank transfer.

Register today for Peru Odyssey

You should be aware of a few things before registering:

  • This is a spiritual retreat, so please only apply if you feel called to this experience at a soul level.
  • You should be in pretty good overall health and reasonably fit. We’re at high altitude for much of the tour and it can be challenging for some, though most people get over any altitude sickness within 24 hours.
  • There is some walking involved that is rocky and steep to climb, nothing dangerous or technical, but not ideal for people with walking disabilities. In several places you’ll need to be on your feet for several hours and need to be able to climb steps.
  • We like to use hotels that are unique, charming and locally owned, so no corporate chains – they are mostly 3-star hotels and guest houses. All very clean and comfortable.
  • All rooms in hotels will be shared (same sex, and 2 people to a room). If you’re with a partner or friend, let us know so we can put you together.
  • If you are taking any drugs/medications contraindicated with MAOI then you must stop taking these drugs at least 6 weeks before the tour starts if you wish to partake in the ayahausca ceremonies. This includes most anti-depressant type drugs.

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