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Discover Italy’s hidden underground temples and sacred landscapes whilst you track wild bear, wolves and lynx in a fourteen-day tour immersed in beauty.

Outer Travels Inner Journeys will take you off the beaten track to uncover hidden Italy and her awe-inspiring beauty. This new tour is designed to bring you out of your head and (gently) bang, smack in to your heart, stopped in your mental and physical tracks by the breath-taking beauty of Italy, her extraordinary scenery, her natural healing spas, her abundant wildlife as well as what could be considered the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. We’ll take you walking in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi, exploring ancient hermitages and monasteries, the sacred landscapes carved and hewn by Nature, tracking rare wolves, bears, lynx and chamois and experiencing first hand the new ‘renaissance’ at the spiritual and sustainable community of Damanhur. Imagine being immersed in the elements and results of nature and people at their most inspired. It is a fourteen day tour to free your mind, heal your heart and inspire your soul.


When you think of spiritual tours we usually think of places which have major enigmatic sacred sites like Peru and Machu Picchu, Cambodia and Angkor Wat or Egypt with the Sphinx but our planet is the most enigmatic of all sacred sites when you think about it. No one truly knows how it came about or how life came in to existence from the nothing which is beyond comprehension. And when humankind was in its infancy what was it that prompted some of us to become mystics and shamans and explore other realms? The infinite sky must have been a prime motivator but what about the landscape itself? Before all our technology we had a different sense of our place in the world and the hierarchy of nature so could it be that in our earliest days the land itself was our holy space? Here at Outer Travels Inner Journeys we’re exploring the idea that communing with sacred sites takes us to one level of ancient wisdom and communing with the sacred natural world takes us to another level altogether. Just like an experience with sacred plant teachers which takes us on profound inner journeys, an immersion in the land and her bountiful nature can facilitate something similar. We’ve chosen Italy as one of our first explorations of this kind.


Look at any list on the internet these days for the most influential people in the world ever and a substantial number of Italians are present. Take these five extraordinary individuals who helped shape our world and the way we experience it. Perhaps there is something in the water.. or perhaps the landscape we live in also helps shape our imagination and our inspiration.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in what is now known as Tuscany. Leonardo painted the Mona Lisa and drew pictures of extraordinary flying machines which look decidedly like helicopters. A pure genius and visionary.
Galileo Galilei, born in 1564, was an astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance.
Christopher Columbus born in 1451 was the explorer and navigator who discovered America (although obviously the indigenous people there already knew it existed!)
Michelangelo, born in 1475, was the painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer who created the famous ‘David’ and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel amongst many others. He said: ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.’

Dante, born in 1265, is known as the Father of the Italian Language and The Supreme Poet.
Maybe one day Oberto Airaud will be included in the lists as the founder of what should be considered the eighth wonder of the world at Damanhur.

There is also St Francis of Assisi, who didn’t make the lists, but who gave up his life of luxury to live in poverty and rebuild the Christian Church after hearing this command from God while imprisoned for ransom. Before his death he was the first to receive the stigmata of Christ, and has since become know as the Patron Saint for ecologists.

The Places We Visit

Starting in the South of Italy for four days unwinding and re-charging.

The Island of Ischia with its pretty painted houses perched on hillsides, over forty kilometres of beaches, hot and healing volcanic springs, caves and grottos, hot sands and great walks to the summit of the volcano, Mount Epomeo. This ‘heavenly place’ dominates the skyline of Ischia. We’ll climb on foot (or by horse) and enjoy the view which has been dubbed ‘the worlds most beautiful panorama’, stretching as far as Capri and Vesuvius. With no cars (except a few electric ones) and no pollution you’ll slow your pace to match the beat of your heart and soul, commune with the stars on night time walks, eat (and even cook) home-grown food with the locals, and relax in this timeless environment.

The next few days you’ll travel back to the mainland moving North through some of natures most beautifully sculpted cathedrals, churches and altars in a number of carefully chosen National Parks and areas of outstanding beauty.

Civitella Alfedena is one of Italy’s ‘best small towns’ and possibly the prettiest in the area of Abruzzo. Only 300 inhabitants now who may still hide a broom behind their front doors to keep away the witches. Overlooking the lake and set on a mountain with tiny medieval streets there are plenty of ancient buildings to explore. It is also a perfect stepping off point to get those rare sighting of chamois, lynx and wolves in this stunning National Park.

Val Fondillo with its network of trails suitable for all fitness levels you will explore places with such names as the ‘Refuge of Bandits’, the ‘Cave of the Fairies’, the ‘Passage of the Bear’. We can even drink straight from the many springs in the area.

Pianezza / Monte Marsicano Wild, rugged and an area of outstanding beauty well off the beaten track with breath-taking views over Alto Sangro, this is the place to find the elusive tracks of wolves and deer, and possibly even a brown bear or two. And if you’re visiting during the mating season who knows what you may witness!

Casentino Forest National Park In lyrical Tuscan landscape we’ll follow in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi and experience the sacred silence emanating from a millennium of meditating monks, broken only by the sounds of nature. In this evocative sanctuary we may come across shy deer and even shyer wild boar and if you’re feeling brave you can leap off the 70m fairytale waterfall which features in Dante’s Divine Comedy! In this region we’ll also visit Badia Prataglia one of the few villages within the National Park where the villagers have a history of a spiritual connection to their forest and Chiusi della Verna where St Francis received his stigmata from God.

Our final three days offers us an experience of what could be considered the eighth wonder of the world in this spiritual and sustainable community. Experience first hand what it is like to participate in a community of this kind and take a walking meditation through their unrivalled underground ‘Temples of Humankind’ excavated by hand in the 1970’s. We’ll explore their Sacred Woods, listen to the songs of the plants, spiral through the stone labyrinth and be introduced to Spiritual Physics. This is an unparalleled and unique opportunity.

Your Guides

Elena Blasio

Having spent many years behind the scenes helping businesses develop with admin and financial support Elena is now fulfilling a lifelong passion to lead people on spiritual style tours through her homeland of Italy. She is a natural listener and empath, engaging people with authenticity and heart. She has an abiding passion to see people express themselves fully and find the deep answers they may travel with. She is fluent in Italian, French, Spanish and English.

Christiana Morbelli

From Naples, Christiana has travelled extensively on her own as well as accompanied groups in many different countries with her expertise in intercultural dialogue. She has worked with NGO’s developing co-operative projects in Africa which help those at risk of social exclusion. She loves hiking and exploring the natural world as well as taking inner journeys of personal and spiritual growth. She’s also passionate about yoga and scuba diving. On her travels she’s visited Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Benin, Togo, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, USA, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Nepal, India and much of Europe.

Trip Details



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The accommodation you’ll stay in are all small locally owned and run guest houses specifically chosen for their ambience, service and great food.

Included in the cost of this trip is:

  • All internal transfers and travel (excluding a short electric car hop on the island of Ischia)
  • 13 nights accommodation (shared)
  • Breakfast each morning
  • All guides and entry fees

What’s not included:

  • International flights in to Naples and out of Turin
  • Lunch and dinner each day
  • Any fees needed for obtaining a European visa (most people won’t need a visa)
  • Accommodations if you wish to arrive earlier or stay later than the dates indicated.
  • Any shopping or excursions outside the planned itinerary.



Payment Information

We are using the Retreat.Guru service to manage bookings and payments. You can pay by credit or debit card.

You can choose to either pay the full amount when you make your reservation, or you can pay a $1000 deposit and the second payment of $1500 will be automatically billed to your credit/debit card 6 weeks before the tour begins.

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