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Re-discover your own nature and inner rhythm in Costa Rica…

Are you planning on attending Envision 2016 festival? Would you love to see some of the best highlights of Costa Rica? Join us on an incredible 14-day adventure in the run up to the festival…

Pura Vida is the mantra of Costa Rica. Like ‘hakuna matata’ it means in its simplest form that life is wonderful, enjoy it! It is all about slowing down and appreciating all that life gives you – the ups and the downs. With sixteen days immersed in the beauty and abundance Costa Rica has to offer, it will surely be a mantra you take home with you.


A magical strip of country sandwiched between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica has a tropical climate all year round and every type of landscape you could wish for to enable a wild and wonderful exploration of nature and all its sacred glory. It’s like a cross between Jurassic Park (which was filmed on an island not too far from Costa Rica’s Pacific coast) and Pandora in the film Avatar. In such an undeveloped country you’ll receive a seriously ‘up close and personal’ relationship with nature, and a reconnection with the effortless rhythm of your heart, soul and ultimately your own nature.

Amazing nature Costa Rica


Costa Rica has become a melting pot of cultures. With its own indigenous people and shamanic culture, the Caribbean influence from the West African slaves who came to thrive on the East Coast, the strong Latino influence as well as a wide international flavour from further afield you can be sure to delight in the vibrant intensity of the people as well as the wildlife.

Costa Rica is a bridge between modern and ancient, fast and slow, stressed and relaxed as well as the light and shadow. This tiny country offers you all you can dream up and more. With its vibrational intensity there is nothing to do but surrender to it’s magic and relax deeply down to your bones.


If you love nature, jungles, beaches and warm climates then Costa Rica is perhaps the perfect country to visit. We’re very excited to be organising a tour here, so let us tell you about some of the places you’ll get to experience.


On the edge of the Caribbean Sea is where you’ll find most of the Caribbean influence. The culture and landscape is different here to the Pacific coast side of the country. You begin to learn the art of letting go and living the life of ‘pura vida’ as you listen to the Howler Monkeys in the trees of the jungle, and watch traffic come to a standstill when a Sloth crosses the road.

The beaches are the most beautiful and perfect for a stroll or evening horse ride under tall regal palms. The crystal clear turquoise water is a paradise for snorkelling and exploring the last of their living reefs where fabulous fish weave and glide.The people are extremely friendly and there may be opportunities to participate in some of the local healing ceremonies.

Some of the things  we’ll get up to in Puerto Viejo include:

Staying at a beautiful hotel close to the beach:

We’ll get to spend some quality time on beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Beach caribbean of Costa Rica close to Puerto Viejo

We’ll visit a chocolate farm and learn about where that good stuff really comes from

Cocoa fruit with seeds inside, Costa Rica.

Horseback riding on the beach, during sunset.

Sunset 1

Cool off at the Bribri Waterfall

Waterfall at Bribri

Then finally we finish our time in Peurto Viejo with some awesome white water river rafting through the Costa Rican jungles.

river rafting in Costa Rica

Then we arrive in….


You’ll soon see why this is such a popular place to visit. Set in Costa Rica’s Central Valley region the nature is unbelievable, almost beyond words. It’s somewhere you have to ‘be’, rather than think about or try to label.

Up until a few years ago Arenal Volcano was one of the most active in the country, delighting tourists by hurling out copious amounts of lava, gas and ash. But at the moment it’s resting. Pura Vida!

Even though Arenal Volcano slumbers, its healing volcanic minerals can still be sampled by soaking your body in healing mud baths and hot springs. An array of stunningly beautiful waterfalls here will add tonic to your health and happiness.

Arenal is also a great place to watch and meet the fantastic birdlife and an even better place to zip-line through the rainforest canopy. Whizzing at speed through the tree tops on some of the highest wires is an unforgettable experience. But when you slow down and wander along the Hanging Bridges you’ll not only get to soak up the extraordinary views but come eye to eye with families of Howler Monkeys.

Some of the things we’ll get up to at Arenal include:

Visiting the incredible Arenal volcano

Arenal Volcano through the trees and over Lake Arenal, Costa Rica.

Zip-lining through the rainforest

Zip line Costa Rica

Hanging bridges tour through the tree tops.

Hanging bridges tour costa rica

After a couple of exciting days at Arenal, we slow things down a little and head to…


Completely undeveloped this National Park on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica is the place to see wildlife. You can walk for hours along deserted strands of beach without seeing another soul, picnic under ancient towering trees and cool off under waterfalls. Camping and hiking in La Sirena is an awesome experience. The local guide knows the park really well and with his help you’ll track the four monkey species of the country and hopefully catch a glimpse of some of Costa Rica’s shyest creatures like Baird’s Tapirs, Scarlet Macaws, Harpy Eagles, White-lipped Peccaries and maybe a Jaguar.

First we get to chill out in another amazing beach hotel.

beach hotel

then we head into the Corcovado National Park

Morning Mist Over Osa Peninsula Rainforest, Drake Bay, Costa Rica

We’ll arrive in La Sirena where we’ll camp for 2 nights

la sirena ranger station

We’ll go on explorations into the jungle where hopefully we’ll see some amazing wildlife

a sloth

Maybe we’ll watch sunset from a deserted beach

Corcovado Sunset

After the amazing adventure, comes the real fun. It’s festival time, baby! We then make our way to


Envision festival



These twelve days on tour prepare you perfectly for Envision – a 4 day festival with all the music, visionary art installations, healing sanctuaries and workshops you could wish for as well as further adventures in sustainability and ecology in this magical environment of Costa Rica. A fully immersive experience in the new culture of inclusion and expression.

The festival runs from 25th until 28th February 2016.

Within the festival we hope the group will all camp together, but ultimately you’re free to do whatever you want to do.

Please note. The cost of the tour does not include your entry to Envision. You need to buy your own ticket from the Envision website. 



Andy MetcalfeAndy is our founding ‘dreamworker’ and like a top class chef dreaming up new recipes loves to bring ingredients together for all of us to savour. Andy’s kitchen has been Peru for the last six years, and his ingredients are the plethora of sacred sites and plant medicines, inspirational guides, and each and every individual who chooses to embark on one of our adventures. What inspires him more than anything is watching the collaborative spark ignite and the spirit of the tribe emerge, creating connections, relationships and powerful experiences. His personal journey has brought him from the world of graphic design and corporate event planning in the North of England, on the wings of an intuitive dream to be a perpetual traveller, through Nova Scotia and down to Peru, where he now lives with his wife and young son. His spiritual journey began with Carlos Castaneda, a wealth of other teachers until he arrived at the profound understanding that we are all our own gurus. He is now expansing of OTIJ to create quality transformational tours all around the world. ‘I want people to know that when they’re looking at one of our tours wherever it is in the world, it will be amazing!’

A second guide will be announced shortly.

About Outer Travels Inner Journeys

We’re committed to raising planetary consciousness to create a kinder, more loving and co-operative world. We do this by inspiring spiritual growth and self healing through our transformational retreats and tours.

Our groups tend to have amazing synergy because even though we attract people of all nationalities and backgrounds, there are several things we all have in common such as the desire to be heart-centered, respectful and conscious. Please check out our core values to see if you resonate with them.

We’ve been featured in several publications and you can see our media coverage here.


We are currently taking bookings for the following dates:

12th February – 25th February 2016

with Envision Festival dates of 25th – 28th February 2016

You should arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica no later than the 11th February 2016.


  • 12 nights accommodation during the tour
  • All travel and transfers during the tour including 1 internal flight
  • Breakfast every day
  • All entrance fees
  • Most activities, including white water rafting, horseback riding, hanging bridges tour.


  • International flights in and out of Costa Rica
  • Lunches and evening meals
  • Some activities that are optional, including snorkeling, surfing and zip-lining.
  • Entrance fees, accommodation and meals at Envision Festival (we recommend that you bring a tent and camp which is included in the cost of your ticket. Please purchase your Envision tickets from
  • Bus back to San Jose after the festival finishes. Envision have many shuttle buses running that are inexpensive.


$2200 per person

** Special offer **

Sign-up for this tour before December 15th 2015 and get a $300 discount, pay only $1900


We are using the Retreat.Guru service to manage bookings and payments. You can pay by credit or debit card.

You can choose to either pay the full amount when you make your reservation, or you can pay a $1100 deposit and the second payment of $1100 will be automatically billed to your credit/debit card 6 weeks before the tour begins.

Please note the price does not include entry to Envision festival. Please purchase your ticket at

How to register

Before registering there are a few things you should be aware of and agree with.

First of all you need to be reasonably fit and in pretty good overall health. This will be an active tour at times, with a fair amount of walking involved on some days.

All rooms in hotels will be shared (same sex, and 2 people to a room), if you’re coming with a partner or friend please let us know so we can put you together. Due to limited availability we can not offer single rooms. Also, due to limited availability, we can not guarantee matrimonial beds for couples. Speak to us first about availability if this is a major issue.

You should understand that Outer Travels Inner Journeys is a spiritual travel company, and we like to travel with like-minded people, so please only apply if you feel called to this experience at a soul level. Please make sure you resonate with our core values before registering.

Please click on the ‘register now’ link next to your preferred date below.

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