Peru Nominated for 7 Travel Awards 2015!

Machu Picchu, Peru

Peru is feeling very proud of herself at the moment. The Andes must be preening themselves with delight. Why? Because the World Travel Awards for 2015 have nominated Peru for 7 awards in the South America category. Yes, 7 awards!

So if you haven’t been to Peru and are looking for a country which has been nominated as having the best historical heritage, best adventure tourism, best beaches, best food,  as well as being the best cultural destination, best green destination and the leading destination this year overall in South America, then you need look no further. Peru is no stranger to travel awards – in 2013 she was showered with them for her hotels for tourism as well as business and further awards for her culinary delights.

It’s quite clear that the Incan heritage of hard work and determination, which allowed them to sow crops on ingenious terraces high up in the Andes where it looks like an impossible task, is still thriving!

This stunningly beautiful country with its fascinating history and its warm and welcoming people is obviously well worth the visit.


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