One Million Children Impacted By Nepals Earthquake

When Everest throws off the mantle of snow from her shoulders burying climbers we mourn their passing, their bravery, their risk-taking, but we may also understand they died doing what they loved knowing the risks, however hard it is for those left behind. But when a massive 7.9 earthquake, the worst in 80 years hits the region killing more than 3500 and injuring over 6500 it is a devastating tragedy.

The death toll rises by the moment. Nepal and Kathmandu in particular has not only lost thousands of its citizens but some of its sacred legacy as many temples have been damaged beyond repair. The face and heart of Nepal have been scarred.

It’s almost unimaginable to think of the rescue operations in hand – the organisation to get out to remote villages, the people required to search under rubble, the helicopters to bring back the climbers stuck on Everest herself, not to mention the support required to house the homeless and people fleeing from the powerful aftershocks. Creating the infra-structure to bring medical aid to the injured is an enormous undertaking as is the help required to stop such knock-on effects as waterborne diseases. A global campaign is underway pulling communities and countries together.

Children in Nepals Devastation

Children in Nepals Devastation

And over one million children have been severely impacted according to Unicef. Over one million children! One million. That’s a number hard to grasp. But we can all help.

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Here is a list of 7 other vetted charities already doing relief work out in Nepal:

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