If This Man Can Travel The World Then Anyone Can!

Travelling Tea Seller

‘Everyone has their own craziness’, says Vijayan and his particular brand of craziness is taking his wife, Mohana to as many different countries around the world as possible even though their income is a few rupees a day made through their humble tea stall in India. They’d be forgiven if all they did was work every hour possible in order to look after their family and leave their children a small legacy. ‘If I worry about all this, I will never be able to take a day off from work till the day I die. If money is our only concern we will not be able to do anything,’ he adds poignantly.

What is so important in your life that you will do whatever it takes?
What is it, that if you believe you can do it, has you leaping out of bed in the morning with energy zinging through your body?
What is it, that if you didn’t put every ounce of will in to making it happen and it didn’t, would mean your life had only been half lived?
What is it that you’d like another lifetime to achieve?

This man, and the wife who is his source of strength will make you think twice, three times or even more, if you’ve been allowing a few paltry pounds or dollars to get in the way of your dreams. What this couple have achieved as world travellers will have only been idle imagining by many who have ten times their income.

What an amazing teacher this man is – from a humble life but with a clear, unwavering commitment to living the way his heart inspires him. Out of all the charismatic teachers who rock up on stage speaking to thousands upon thousands of people on screens bigger than playing fields, this is the man who can help you turn the key to unlock your ‘craziness’. Just follow this mans inspirational example.

You have to love Vijayan. He is a blessing! And this inspirational film by Hari M. Mohanan is beautifully crafted.

A film by Hari M. Mohanan.

Video from KarmaTube

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