ATTENTION All You Rule-breakers, You Misfits and Troublemakers, All You Free Spirits

Do you like being a trail-blazer set on changing the status quo, an individual following your own rules and ideas or do you prefer blending in and being one of the crowd? Do you believe everything you read about the government, medicine and history or do you slide along the benches until you get a different perspective, maybe a broader one, or one without such a spin on it? Do you question the media magicians wondering what sleight of mind they’re operating? If you were to define yourself what box would you opt for – is it one (or many) you’ve chosen for yourself or one which has been handed to you?

You probably know if you’re a rebel at heart – but what if you’re one of the massive raft of people who are unsure about that?…. You don’t really like the way the world is right now, but you don’t know what to do about it….one lone voice and all that. Or you intuitively sense things don’t add up in the way our society is orchestrated but whenever you’ve begun to voice an opinion you’ve felt ridiculed or unheard. You are sure there is much, much more to life than we’re told, and you’ve had glimpses of the more-ness, but what do you do with it and how do you discover more? If you are a quiet, but disillusioned soul, how do you find a place where you can be wholly yourself, no matter change the world?

Perhaps you haven’t tried to find a place to be fully you yet because you’ve believed the hype that there is something wrong with you…if you think differently you must be wrong, right? But what if that’s also all spin? What if everything considered wrong about you is actually right about you? And what if there are hundreds…or thousands… or even millions of like-hearted spirits spread around our globe like little solar lights waiting for the light to turn them on?

This video, if you haven’t seen it before and you resonate with the above, will inspire you. You are not alone, that’s for sure… and now you know, you can find your way home…. If you have seen it before but not for a while, it’s well worth a re-watch. Great stuff.

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