15 Great Reasons Why Costa Rica Is The Most Awe-Inspiring, Unique and Unusual Country To Explore

A magical strip of country sandwiched between the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica has a tropical climate all year round and every type of landscape you could imagine, which means it offers a wild and wonderful exploration of nature and all its sacred glory. It’s like a cross between Jurassic Park (some of which was filmed on an island not far from Costa Rica’s Pacific coast) and Pandora in the film Avatar. It is one of the worlds most unique countries to visit.

What makes Costa Rica awe-inspiring?

Beach caribbean of Costa Rica close to Puerto Viejo

Beaches! With over 800 miles of coastline you’ll discover miles of perfect white beaches where you can wander for hours without meeting another soul, where you can cool off under waterfalls, picnic under towering royal palms, swim and snorkel in the crystal clear turquoise ocean and fall in love with life all over again. You can even swim in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea as they are just a mere 70 miles apart at Costa Rica’s narrowest.


Incredible wildlife reserves some which border the beach and others inland with rainforests and volcanos. You can find some of the worlds shyest creatures in these places like Baird’s Tapirs, Scarlet Macaws, Harpy Eagles, White-lipped Peccaries and  Jaguars.


Rainforest! You can whizz through the tops of the tallest of trees on some of the highest zip-lines or wander on foot along the Hanging Bridges to bring you face to face with Costa Rica’s luscious, vibrant birdlife as well as families of cheeky Howler Monkeys.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Volcano’s! Poas Volcano has the 2nd widest crater in the world and even though Arenal Volcano is sleeping at the moment it has been considered one of the 10 most active on the planet. Actually Costa Rica has 7 of these 10 and remember it’s just a tiny country. So, what’s cool about volcano’s? They offer wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating treatments when you immerse yourself in their hot volcanic springs, and they help the country with its renewable energy.

Pura VidaPura Vida! This is Costa Rica’s mantra. Like ‘hakuna matata’ it means in its simplest form that life is wonderful, enjoy it! It is all about slowing down and appreciating all that life gives you – the ups and the downs.

What makes Costa Rica unique?


Costa Rica is the happiest country in the world. Voted No 1 in the Happy Planet Index it comes 2nd only to Canada in life expectancy. It’s smiling residents can expect to live till they’re almost 80, so just as well they’re a happy bunch. When you visit this gorgeous country you’ll be looked after by genuinely happy people, which is always infectious.


Did you know there are 52 species of Hummingbird in Costa Rica? According to indigenous wisdom the Hummingbird signifies joy and lightness, and even though it is tiny it has the courage of a lion. Maybe it is a perfect symbol for Costa Rica, being a tiny country just about the size of Lake Michigan but with a great heart.


No one will ever be called up in to the army either as it was abolished on December 1st in 1948 when the President, José Figueres Ferrer decided having a military was no longer required. In 1987 the President, Oscar Arias Sanchez, won the Nobel Peace Prize for trying to help end civil wars in several Central American countries. A wonderful example to the rest of the worlds nations.


Costa Rica is leading the world with its commitment to the environment and has run on 100% renewable energy since March 2015. It plans to be carbon neutral within a further 6 years.

no animals in captivity

In an effort to address the horrors of keeping wild animals captive Costa Rica is exploring the closure of all its zoos. However this is a vast task and it could easily be another decade before it could be implemented.

What makes Costa Rica unusual?

sloth on the road

Even in the city you’ll find traffic coming to a standstill when a slow sloth makes his way across the road.

pregnantWhen a woman is pregnant in Costa Rica she is considered to be ‘con luz’ or ‘with light’.

barra-honda-nationalThere is a National Park 790 feet below sea level in the caves of Barra Honda.


You can watch bull fights in Costa Rica BUT the idea is not to kill or harm the bull but to irritate him. This way it’s the men who often get caught and hoisted up on the horns of their own derring-do.


Chocolate grows on trees.

There is absolutely no doubt that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and magical places on our planet. So. what’s stopping you….?

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